Hepburn Wildlife Shelter Wildline: 0500 540 000 Banner

For injured and orphaned wildlife please call the 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Number on:
13 000 WILDLIFE or 13 000 94535

Services we Offer

Services we offer the local community include:

  • answering all manner of wildlife enquires
  • advising agencies and the general public about living harmoniously with wildlife
  • access to a network of wildlife friendly volunteers and professionals
  • community education about wildlife
  • scientific research programs
  • providing a body of scientific knowledge, understanding and skill to draw upon
  • offering wildlife care support and advice to other carers across the state
  • volunteer training in rescue and care of wildlife
  • training and education for local forest workers and government department officers
  • wildlife advocacy in community and government planning processes
  • taking on the awful responsibility for humane euthanasia for untreatable cases
  • organisation and coordination of response to emergencies such as bushfires
  • a point of contact when there are concerns about illegal activity such as cruelty, unlicensed shootings and poisonings of wildlife. We assist with personal safety advice, legal information and reporting to appropriate authorities.