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Strategic Plans

The Hepburn Wildlife Shelter operates in a forested region teeming with wildlife and popular with people. Unlike the eastern side of Melbourne with Healsville Sanctuary, our region has no dedicated wildlife treatment centre or facility that can cater for wildlife disasters or for the training of wildlife carers. Our plan is to establish better facilities for wildlife care in the region by creating a wildlife treatment and rehabilitation centre, particularly for manged wombats, spinal and nerve injuries (mostly kangaroos) and a burns centre for treating wildlife caught up in bush fires. Such a centre would not only dovetail well with an improvement in the region’s wildlife rescue network by offering a potential wildlife ambulance base and a 24 hour depot for wildlife in need of care, but would become a much needed regional wildlife hospital and triage base for wildlife affected by disasters such as bushfires. We plan that the mange and spinal injury units would become research and teaching facilities, and provide specialist care and rehabilitation on a statewide basis.

Other projects we are working on include:

  • Working with Shire Councils, CMAs and local residents on wildlife friendly fencing design and fence clean up.
  • Working with Vic Roads on experimental road signage for wildlife hot spots.
  • Working in partnership with Wildlife Victoria and local community groups on a Wombat Survey and Mange Treatment Program.