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Wombat Survey

Gayle has initiated and is coordinating a community driven survey and mange treatment program for the wild Common wombats in the Wombat Forest. Wombats across their range are suffering and dying from mange infestation and are facing a serious threat from this parasite. Drawing upon her scientific expertise and her broad experience from 10 years running a diverse wildlife shelter Gayle has put in place a program which is mapping wombat populations in the region and gathering new information about their natural history. The program runs in conjunction with a mange treatment initiative to better understand how to treat manged wombats and to identify infested wombats earlier so that treatment can be successful. This is a pilot program drawing on community input and will be packaged to encourage other communities living in wombat habitat to undertake the same action.

Register Interest to our Wombat Survey by emailing us at: wombat.survey@hepburnwildlifeshelter.com

Injured Wombat