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For injured and orphaned wildlife please call the 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Number on:
13 000 WILDLIFE or 13 000 94535

How you can help

In the absence of any government funding for the rescue and care of wildlife we take on the cost of wildlife care in the community in our region. The extent of work and expense that this entails means we cannot operate without the assistance of community input in the form of volunteerism, financial donation and in kind support. The assistance so far from supportive organizations has enabled us to develop new projects and improve our facilities but does not cover our basic running costs. These costs are in the order of $20 000 per year.

We feel honoured to be the ones to carry out the bulk of the hands on work associated with wildlife care but we require the help of others in the community to share the burden of costs.

We wish to reach a level of support which would allow us realise our vision of a permanent regional treatment and training centre for wildlife care and provide a secure and ongoing facility for the care of our local wildlife.

Information on Donating

Send a cheque to:
Hepburn Wildlife Shelter P.O. Box 133 Daylesford Vic 3460 Australia

Direct Deposit to:
Hepburn Wildlife Shelter BSB: 633 108 Acct #: 1254 01760

Email: info@hepburnwildlifeshelter.com

Phone: (03) 5348 3932

Mobile: 0409 380 327