Hepburn Wildlife Shelter Wildline: 0500 540 000 Banner

For injured and orphaned wildlife please call the 24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Number on:
13 000 WILDLIFE or 13 000 94535

How Can You Help

In the absence of any government funding for the rescue and care of wildlife we take on the cost of wildlife care in the community in our region. The extent of work and expense that this entails means we cannot operate without the assistance of community input in the form of volunteerism, financial donation and in kind support. The assistance so far from supportive organizations has enabled us to develop new projects and improve our facilities but does not cover our basic running costs. These costs are in the order of $50 000 per year.

We feel honoured to be the ones to carry out the bulk of the hands on work associated with wildlife care but we require the help of others in the community to share the burden of costs.

Make a tax deductible donation

Volunteer at the shelter

Become a member of the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter

Become a rescuer and transporter (register your interest in training@hepburnwildlifeshelter.com )

Make sure you have a wildlife rescue number in your mobile phone.

Donate towels, woollen blankets, dog beds, doonas and old pillows.


HWS Supporters

Many people do not have time to perform regular volunteer shifts at the shelter, but there are still many ways you can help:

  • Become a member of the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter. Your small annual membership fee will help the shelter become a self-sufficient entity well into the next decade. Members receive biannual newsletters and discounts on HWS stall items. Membership launch: Sunday 7th February 2010.
  • Read the request for junk stall items (below) and forward it to your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Visit the HWS Sunday Market Junk Stall. Buy something, or bring some unwanted goods along to donate.
  • Volunteer at the HWS Sunday Market Junk Stall. Bring a mate along, sit in the shade of our covered marquee, mind the donation tin and help move items through the stall. No experience necessary, just a friendly disposition and a courteous manner. Shifts are in short 2 hr blocks: 9am-11am or 11am-1pm. Email jbeks@hotmail.com if interested.
  • Get involved at the committee level. The HWS Fundraising Committee meets informally every Monday fortnight in central Daylesford to review current fundraising projects and to explore new opportunities. Please come along and join our think-tank. For location details & dates, text or call mob: 0401 540 546